The software for bolt verification according to space industry standards ECSS-HB-32-23 and VDI-2230.

Started as the internal development at Space Structures GmbH, SpaceBolt became the commercial product which significantly increases productivity of mechanical engineers.

SpaceBolt: ECSS bolt analysis

Key features

  • Validated calculation procedures (ESA validated)
  • Simple handling of large datasets:
    multiple bolt groups, Excel interface
  • Direct input of FEA results:
    NASTRAN and plain CSV formats
  • User friendly interface
  • Detailed output ready for documentation
  • Database functionality:
    for bolts, nuts, inserts, material and friction coefficients
  • Modular structure
  • Outputs for fracture analysis (NASGRO)
  • Statics, sine and random loads
  • Responsive customer support

SpaceBolt has been validated by ESA.
The documentation includes the verification examples with all details of the calculations.
No more in-house Excel spreadsheets!

SpaceBolt is suitable for the entire range of space projects from small MGSE project to large satellite or launcher structures.

SpaceBolt allows to increase engineering productivity for the bolt analysis and verification activities and improve consistency and correctness of the calculations.

Due to the modular structure of the licensing system customers pay only for the functions they need.
Investment starts at 200 Euros/year.
Access the list of available modules here.

SpaceBolt customers:

The best bolt analysis tool I have seen!

Werner Konrad, Head of Mechanical Analysis, Airbus DS GmbH

Article: Fastener Verification Solution for the Space Industry

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